About Us

Who We Are

Our flagship product, Pagasa and Pagpapala, are varieties of non-GMO  hybrid corn that have a potential yield of 14-16 MT per hectare. The high potential yield is attributed to its high population capability (HectareMax  Technology), where a farmer can plant 100,000 – 110,000 of corn seeds per hectare. With its  hybrid technology, the two varieties also have high lodging resistance and drought tolerance as its added benefits. The non-GMO hybrid corn seeds were developed through research by ProFarm Seed India Pvt. Ltd.

PAGASA, Isaac's Non-GMO, Hybrid Corn Seed, 18-20 Kernel Rows
Wyden King - Chairman of IsaacSeed Philippines, Inc.

Who Is Behind IsaacSeed

IsaacSeed was conceived when Wyden King, Chairman of a Christian company – Abraham Holdings Incorporated, saw the struggle of farmers in their day-to-day living. His deep desire to support the farming community paved the way for the creation of IsaacSeed that envisions economic, social and spiritual transformations of Filipino farmers.

IsaacSeed aims to:

  • Provide the highest-quality seeds that will significantly increase harvest and income.
  • Focus on teaching farmers best sustainable agricultural practices that will ensure lands will remain in its fertility for many generations.
  • Partner with cooperatives and like-minded institutions to achieve common goal of generating farming efficiencies and better revenues.
  • Align the values of the farmers towards faith and love in God.
Farm using PAGASA Hybrid Corn Seeds